I’m sure your mind is racing with all that has to be done and planned before your big day. This is one of the most anticipated and exciting, and beautiful moments in your life. Yet, you only get one shot! As a wedding photographer what I truly want is for you to enjoy your day, for you to remember you are marrying the love of your life. Because photography is not about the pictures, but about reliving the moments behind each picture. Because of this I want my couples to relax and to have fun, because they only have one chance to do that. But your photography experience is a huge part of that. 

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My process begins from the moment you reach out to me, from then we begin to prepare and make this day as memorable as possible. At the engagement session, we begin to get comfortable behind the camera, I teach you how to pose and relax behind the camera! So on wedding day you're ready to rock n'roll and enjoy your day. My process does not end on wedding day, every client I take becomes a long-time friend, and to be able to see how your love unfolds over the years, is to me a huge blessing :) 

Love is not blind

Love sees everythig

yet chooses to love unconditionally 

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"Cindy is wonderful. On wedding day we felt so comfortable! The best part about everything was that she made my fiancé and I smile and giggle and bring out our childish and giddy side which gave us the purest pictures. "

- Jessica, Bride 2018 

Hello! I'm Cindy. I'm a destination wedding photographer, based in Northern Virginia and just minutes away from the nation's capital.

Found a love for photography, which has led me to places I never thought I'd find myself. And found a love for wedding photography which has led me to share in a couple's most anticipated and perfect day. But, the reason I believe in this perfect, head-over-heels love… is simply and solely because of how good and perfect God is. His perfect kind of love has pushed me to be better, and to start new adventures in places I never thought I'd experience. 

In love with weddings filled with laughter, but also in love with all the elegant details in between.

A storyteller at heart. And the stories embedded in couples: from the first glance, to the first "hello" to the first date is what I love.


The Dreamer

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In love with God and cherishing every moment, loving life's up's and down's, and exploring the world  because of Him


Love to travel, and absolutely am in love with trying new food. A fan of meeting new people from all walks of life


When I'm not working, you will most definitely find me watching Grey's Anatomy, and I will forever be a McDreamy fan. 

Grey's anatomy

Wonder woman... aka my mom. Simply and completely amazing

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