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November 12, 2018

Welcome to Cindy’s Blog!!

This is Me! I am a romantic, Chick-fil-A lovin’, International Wedding Photographer based in the gorgeous state of Virginia!


And welcome to my new little space on the web, my name is Cindy. I am a twenty-something year-old wedding photographer based in Northern Virginia, just minutes away from Washington DC. I am in love with coffee, and all things Grey’s Anatomy (probably the only show I’ve been committed to). Let there be no doubt in your mind that as I blog, I likely am also watching Grey’s Anatomy and probably sipping a delicious cup of coffee…. mhmm maybe some banana bread too.

I’m in love with love stories, and I just want to jump and clap every time a couple tells me their story. To hear these “coincidences” that brought two completely different people together makes me so happy, because I mean let’s be serious- I don’t think these were coincidence at all. From how couples met, to that first “hey (; ” (if they can remember 😉 ) , to the first date and eventually to proposals, love every BIT of it. I’m not sure why- but I’ve just been a sucker for love stories, always have been, always will be, and I’m jumping up and down just imagining your story unfold in my head.

I feel privileged to capture a picture, which represents not only an ambiance of love, but also a culmination of all your moments, all these stories, felt and cherished in one very special day.

So a little more about myself, I grew up in the small town of Herndon, Virginia with my parents and grandparents, and because my parents have to work we used a home care in Boise service to take care of my grandparents. Was small, now is growing as rapid and vicious as Washington D.C. This town has just blessed me in ways I can’t describe, starting with their farmer’s markets, which is the reason I have the best and most delicious breakfast every morning (totally being serious!) To their lovely farm, my fondest memories are actually at this farm, I kinda used to beg my mom to take me Saturday’s to help the farmer milk their cows, at 2pm precisely. The sun, where all our family members rested on rattan sun loungers.

Alright, so I grew up in a small town and went to a very small private school in Fairfax, Virginia, and then from there I found the biggest love of my life, Christ. And I have to say that was the pivoting point in my life. I’ve felt the realness of God in a tremendous way, and He is actually the reason why I love wedding photography.

What LOVE Means to me

I think the perfect love of God, is one that believes in all things, hopes in all things, and endures all things and that is simply THE biggest gift we can ever have. And this love, which God has given us transcends into our relationships, and is evident in love, especially with the person we are “in love” with.

As I said, I am a romantic to the max, I love all things romance. But, I also like to hit reality, and be honest. I don’t think marriage is as easy as “ABC” or as fairy-like as Hollywood portrays it. But I believe in the real head-over-heels love. One that through the high’s and through the low’s is still LOVE and sincere at it’s core, and I believe God is the factor that allows us to push through those hard and testing moments.

I love weddings because it symbolizes this love that can and will push through. I don’t think it’s about this “perfect” couple, but about two imperfect people being united and being stronger because of the perfect love of God.

So that’s a little story about me and what I believe love to be. I am still unravelling my journey. But, I hope that you can join me in this adventure-like, sweet-filled thing, we call life!

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